Well Hello again,

     If you've made it here, then, perhaps you are interested in how this quaint little shop came about. I'm here to tell you... It's still a work in progress however I've been Kanoodling (is that really a word) with the idea of owning a boutique for many years. However, it seems as if there are also many obstacles that come along with maintaining a shop of your very own.

     I began doing some research and decided I could start a site online and still keep my day-job, all without breaking the bank.

     The Buteek started out as a hobby and has gradually progressed into my favorite past-time. I still hold a job for financial purposes yet the Graffiti Buteek keeps me occupied and out of trouble when there is nothing else to do. I make lots of new and interesting friends online and I don't believe I would have it any other way.

              Well Folks! That's how the Buteek came about.     And here we are...


 Thanks for Shopping By!